The brutal truth. The tech giants are [redacted]

I love the brutal simplicity of a recent article on from Cade Metz (  It paints a very bleak picture for the likes of HP, DELL Oracle, Cisco, EMC and IBM.  While I don’t agree completely with the apocalyptic story completely, his article does make a lot of sense.  Metz suggests that its just a matter … Read more

Cloud: The devil is in the detail

Microsoft and SAP just announced a world record for SAP performance.  Specifically “World Record for the category of SAP Sales and Distribution Standard Application Benchmarks executed in the cloud deployment type”.  It is a great endorsement for Azure and Microsoft.  You can read more about it here: Now, on to my point.  Read through the … Read more

Something interesting happened when I started using Apple products

Something really interesting happened after I started using Apple products.  I switched phone because mainstream applications are still slow to the Microsoft platform.  I switched laptop because I really wanted something with great battery life (and something that looks great).  I traded in my Windows tablet for a iPad Mini.  I made a complete switch … … Read more