Something interesting happened when I started using Apple products

Something really interesting happened after I started using Apple products.  I switched phone because mainstream applications are still slow to the Microsoft platform.  I switched laptop because I really wanted something with great battery life (and something that looks great).  I traded in my Windows tablet for a iPad Mini.  I made a complete switch … and then it happened.

As soon as I got my MacBook I installed Office 2016 and OneNote from my Office 365 account.  The first applications I put on my phone were OneNote and Office.  I get my music from the artist formerly know as Xbox Music (now Groove).  I still use OneDrive to sync my files between devices. I do all of my testing/training using virtual machines running in Azure.

I moved from the Microsoft platform, despite Windows 10 being really good, because of the comparatively poor selection of apps … and despite the move, 70% of the applications I use daily come from Microsoft.  I am bought into the business and productivity solutions from Microsoft but I was tired of waiting for the more casual applications to come to the platform (specifically mobile).

Its ironic that the reason I stopped using a Microsoft OS (day-to-day) is the same reason why I keep using Microsoft products.  Its all about the applications. The acquisitions of Sunrise, Accompli and Wunderlist make perfect sense.  I cant wait to see what Microsoft do next.  I wonder what the Surface Pro 4 will be like …

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